The campaign will begin in Arnest, in the small village of Hommlet.

The land is fertile, and villages dot the major trade roads every six or seven miles. The forests still contain goblins, wolves, owlbears – the occasional beast or monster – but on the whole the land is quite settled.

Since The Barrier was raised, the northern trade routes of Arnest were cut off, the only trade remaining being with the Orclands. The North of the country is much less covered than the south. Close to Hommlet, there are few villages between the market towns, and a traveller may spend a day on the road without seeing another soul.

Arnest is governed by King Samuel IV; but affairs of state are far from the general lives of most of those in the Kingdom.

The Rebellion occurred about 10 years ago, and took two years to be put down; many of the Northern barons disagreed with the king’s policy, and tried to put their puppet Sydney Wheeler on the throne.

During the Battle of the Sodden Field, King Samuel’s daughter Lyria Bartlett was due to take the field in the push against Wheeler’s men. Unwilling for Lyria to lead, the king ordered Brond’s mercenaries to take the field. They were slaughtered, but turned the tide of the battle.

Trial and Punishment

Male First Names: Oscar, Henry, Harold, Arnold, Bernard, Cyril, Roland, Sydney, Trevor, Walter, Cecil, Clifford, Horace, Leslie, Norman, Christopher, Harry, Samuel, Louis, Evan, Owen, Michael, Reuben, Benjamin, Matthew, Lewis, John, Alexander, Daniel, Isaac, Jacob, Charles, Oliver
Female First Names: Edith, Elizabeth, Margaret, Bertha, Muriel, Edna, Ethel, Hilda, Marion, Ann, Dorothy, Gwendoline, Irene, Jane, Janet, Jenny, Lillian, Mary, Maude, Rhoda, Amelia, Charlotte, Daisy, Eleanor, Eliza, Emily, Eva, Grace, Harriet, Isabel, Isabella, Leah, Lucy
Last Names
Last Names: Andrews, Ashenhurst, Barlow, Battle, Beadows, Berkhead, Blackwood, Blake, Bishop, Bloom, Blunt, Bright, Carpenter, Cartwell, Castledon, Collingford, Crane, Crook, Cunley, Dawnthorpe, Downer, Dragonwell, Dunfield, Elkhorn, Everett, Fitzgeoffrey, Fletcher, Francis, Fray, Gladdish, Goldworth, Gossingham, Grimmer, Hadley, Hale, Hammersfield, Hargreave, Hawkins, Humphrey, Hunter, Hyde, Ives, Jenkins, Jollybad, Keast, King, Kottlegrey, Lestrange, Leventhorpe, Langford, Lloyd, Mansfield, Merriwether, Mortimer, Motts, Moxley, Narbridge, Northam, Noyes, Olver, Pallcraft, Payne, Penhale, Polkinghorn, Pummel, Quail, Quillmaker, Ratley, Reeve, Ringer, Rosserford, Rowley, Russell, Sawford, Shivington, Silcox, Smythe, Snell, Stargrave, Stokes, Strangways, Teague, Tellam, Throckmorton, Thurman, Torrington, Trowbridge, Unger, Uxbridge, Vaughan, Vawdrey, Whitaker, White, Winkle, Wyndham, Yates, Yesterman.


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