Acererak's Hoard

After spending some time with the hoard, you discover it contains the following…

General Treasure

Sword, Defender (p164 DMG)
Longswords, + 1 (x2)
Ring of Feather Falling
Rod of the Pact Keeper (+ 1)
Staff of Charming
Spear, +2
Ring of Air Elemental Command
Deck of Illusions (missing one card)
Reminder: you will need to attune to each of these things before you can gain its benefit, and a character can attune to no more than three items.

Some of these magic items have other requirements (eg the Rod can only be used by a Warlock)


Potion of Invisibility
Potion of Growth (x3)
Potion of Superior Healing (x2)
Elixir of Health
Potion of Mind Reading
Potion of Healing
Potion of Longevity
Potion of Water Breathing
Potion of Poison Resistance

Spell Scrolls

Scroll of Detect Magic
Scroll of Flame Blade
Scroll of Insect Plague
Scroll of Modify Memory
Scroll of Geas
Scroll of Foresight


97 × 10gp assorted gems
10,000gp peridot
50,000gp emerald
100,000gp black opal

Acererak’s Spellbook

Acererak’s spellbook contains all cantrips and spells of level 1 and 2, and many more besides.

Rather than write out a big list for you, here’s how it works: If a Wizard has access to Acererak’s spellbook and knows EML, they may attempt to transcribe spells of level three or higher by searching the spellbook for them.

To transcribe, choose the spell you’re researching and roll a d12. If you roll higher than the spell’s level, you find a reference to it in Acererak’s spellbook and are able to transcribe it into your own. If not, there’s not enough information in the spellbook for you to gain access to the spell.

You may attempt to transcribe one spell/day when adventuring, or four spells/day when resting somewhere.

Cantrips and level 1-2 spells can automatically be transcribed at the rate above with no possibility of failure.

Acererak's Hoard

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