The Undiscovered Country

Time to go

They were sending her away. Her family thought there was something ‘wrong’ with her and the druids agreed. Of course they were wrong, but adults would never admit to that. Still – she’d never seen a High Elf city – it might be interesting.

The journey through the forest was long and her escort were happy that so far their charge had been acting almost normally. Surely they were right – a change of scene and wiser minds would soon have the child in her right mind.

Another day of travel and they would be relieved of their burden.

Sal awoke, senses alert. The voices had been clear – it was time for her to leave. The path to the city was not to be hers. Who knew if she’d ever see that place and its wonders – that was not to be her or her escort’s decision.

She scanned the camp, locating the watchers and the sleepers. Carefully she shifted into a crouch and with Fey’s grace, slipped into the shadows and out of the camp. Moving as quietly as she could, she disappeared into the forest, away from those who would try to stop her.

They would look for her, no doubt about it, but she was sure that they would resign themselves to her loss before long and return home in hope she would find her own way either to the city or home. In time, without news, they would assume misadventure and wonder if it had been for the best. She knew this to be true and felt no bitterness about it. She loved her family and they her, but she was not like them and didn’t belong there.

She moved quickly through the forest, her direction clear. If asked, she couldn’t have named her destination, but she knew the way she was to go. Eventually, she spied a building nestled between the trees. Creeping closer she saw it was one of several, arranged round a courtyard.

She had arrived.



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