The Undiscovered Country

The Word of the King

Sal had stood before them many times, teaching them first of her race and then of the Fey. Today it was time to start consolidating it, giving them the links that would help them find the true path. This would be the legacy of her time here. This was her purpose.

She looked at the faces staring at her with such attentive reverence…and began her calm refrain.

“In the beginning there was the Fey and the Fey were all. All things came from the Fey, were nourished and given life by the Fey. Their light shone bright and pushed the darkness from creation. All they touched was beauty and light. From the wild forests to the creatures that roamed them, all were beautiful in the eyes of the Fey. They saw all they had created and it was good.

In their infinite wisdom they created the Court, to better protect their creation. Each monarch and their kin pledging to forever keep the harmony of life and the seasons safe. This they did, their beauty and grace reflected in all things.

Each Court had its own focus within the whole, their own refrain that fed the harmony of life.
The Spring Court ensuring new life and progeny.
The Summer Court ensuring prosperity, sustenance and growth.
The Autumn Court ensuring renewal and harvest.
The Winter Court ensuring survival and rebirth.

All things came from the Fey, are beloved of the Fey and are forever joined to the Fey. We are one with the Fey and the Fey are with us."

She stopped and let her eyes scan her pupils for their response. They were rapt once again. It wouldn’t be long before the questions began, but she knew what to say. A few more titbits, a few more clues that would have them joining dots. And it would not be long before the structure of the day had been re-purposed to suit her. Each quarter dedicated to one of the Courts. Their rituals replaced.

The second quarter of the day – that would be the one where they would make the most discoveries, where they would learn to feel the presence of the Fey, their link to creation. Where they would learn that of all the Fey, the Summer King was supreme.

She let her eyes close for a moment, feeling her connection to everything around her and to the only person who mattered. In her mind she sang out to him, “I am one with the Fey, the Fey are with me”.



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