The Undiscovered Country

Sal had fallen. Heavily. She could feel the sharp pain of broken bones throughout her body. Despite all that she was calm. As always. Remaining still she replayed the last few minutes in her head to work out what had happened.

She had been running, fast, through the treetops, each step timed to take advantage of the springy branches beneath her. Whilst it was a risky manoeuvre, she had done it many times before as a way to stretch her muscles and senses. Providing she remained calm and alert, she could traverse far before returning to ground level. This time something had gone wrong, but what.

It was a feeling rather than a memory that seemed to answer that thought. No error of hers had caused this accident, but something that she could only describe as a ripple through the energy of everything. As it reached her, it disrupted her flow of energy for the briefest of moments. It was like a dizzying slap to the head, a pause in the beats of her heart. That was all it took to throw her off step, to drop her to the ground with no recourse to slow her fall.

The thud of the impact still rang in her ears. Blinking, she stared up at the trees above. Whatever had happened, everything now seemed normal and undisturbed. Still, there was no point lying about here all day when there were clearly things afoot.

Sal let her focus shift inwards. The calm energy within her felt unchanged by the ripple, it’s silvery tendrils reaching every part of her. Concentrating, an old Elvish chant in mind, she pushed healing energy along the tendrils. As it reached the damaged areas of her frame, she felt the pain easing. In no time at all her injuries were gone, healed entirely.

Stretching a retreating stiffness from her limbs, she sat up and was just about to stand when she found herself transported. She knew this place, though she had visited rarely. The large mirrored cube ahead of her was new though. Curiouser & curiouser.



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