The Undiscovered Country

Sweeps Week Trailer


Rima singing a song of healing.

The song continues over…

No Name conjuring a sphere of flame

Mawgojzeta slipping naked into a hot spring

Mortimer operating the Spellforge

The Bard bursting up out of the river, long hair arcing perfectly behind him in a spray of water

Song fades out

Carreg, No Name and The Bard, motionless on the cavern floor, surrounded by minotaurs

Kill them.

High tempo, percussive music over rapid jump cuts of…

Jack, shirt ripped open, chest glistening, leaping over a darkened chasm

A fire bolt flaring from Carreg’s outstretched hand

Water rushing into the cavern

Music cuts out

Mawgojzeta landing in the cave in a hero pose, leather glistening wet

Why should we trust you?

Music resumes

Mortimer, feverishly packing his maps, looking over his shoulder at the oncoming minotaurs

Jack firing eldritch blasts from his hands

Carreg swinging her hammer at a charging minotaur

A cone of magical energy shooting from the beholder’s eye

Music ends abruptly

An eye for an eye till the world goes blind?


The glassstaffs forming up for combat outside the cave

Kill everything.



Holy shit, this is awesome.

(although, lightning bolt? Carreg?)

Sweeps Week Trailer

I may have got confused. Carreg fired off some kind of ranged spell attack, didn’t she? Was it a fire bolt?

Sweeps Week Trailer

+1 for awesome.

Guys, guys: I’ve looked at the overnights and I think we’re gonna get renewed.

Sweeps Week Trailer

All Carreg’s elemental magic is fire or radiant, it’s what her cleric domain is focused on

Sweeps Week Trailer

Trebles all round!

Sweeps Week Trailer

god(s) damn that was awesome! I now wish I could draw well enough to storyboard that…

Step aside Game of Thrones, this series demands a new season!

Sweeps Week Trailer

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