The Undiscovered Country

Snakes in a Box

Before I died, I had a lovely life, slithering around with my brothers and sisters in our box. Some days were filled with hissing, and having great discussions with my brothers and sisters about life, the universe and everything.

My brother Cedric had a dream of being in a grassy field with the sun on his back. He was a great entertainer, was our Cedric, and a very good storyteller to boot.

So I’m going to tell you about my death, for I think it is only fair. I was happily minding my own business with my brothers and sisters in our box. We were discussing trees and forests, and how we would make our escape.

Then we heard something. Tap, tap, tap with sticks, and bones crunching against the stone floor.

We were quite intrigued, as there hadn’t been many wanderers in these parts for a good long while.

Eventually, we heard a tap on our box. So we decided to hiss and make our presence known. Maybe we were going to be taken to a new place. Maybe these banging noises were going to take us to a tree, and the light, we secretly hoped.

Then we heard some voices. This was very exciting, and much more interesting than the banging. We strained, listening, trying to make out the words.

After a while, the chattering stopped. I looked at my brothers and sisters, and something had changed. It had all gone quiet, and we started to notice the lid being lifted.

We were super excited. Maybe these tapping things would feed us.

We looked up, and we saw a peering face. We were intrigued. We had never seen a face like this before.

The bravest of my brothers and sisters (for we are an equal opportunity snake colony) piped up and said “Hello! We’re very hungry. Will you let us out?”

Much to our surprise, she spoke to us. She told us she wasn’t going to let us out because we might eat her, even though we promised not to.

She gave us some dried meat, and then closed the box.

This is when it went terribly wrong.

We hadn’t eaten for days. We were hungry, ravenous. It felt like the pits of our stomachs would never be satisfied, and we started eating, and eating, and eating. We didn’t know where the meat stopped and we began, so we ate and we ate until there was nothing left.

My last memory is Cedric being eaten from the inside out, ripped apart by his brothers and sisters. And then they turned on me.

It was a happy life, in my box.


I love this!

Snakes in a Box

This was traumatic!!!

Snakes in a Box

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