The Undiscovered Country

Session 16 - 17th March

Horseplay and Hastilude

Tuakiin, Jenneth, and Ross cross through The Barrier and head to Hommlet, arriving there at about 10am. While Telia goes to morning service, Brond, The Bard and Krom sleep late in the inn.

Tuakiin, Ross and Genneth meet Telia. Genneth wants to meet the king. Telia says a letter from her might get her an audience, perhaps at least with Lord Black.

Everyone meets in the inn. Spugnoir comes down and asks for breakfast.

Tuakiin thinks the battlemages are in league with the Redbrands. His amulet from Glassstaff let him through the Barrier, as did King Grol the hobgoblin chief.
Perhaps Glassstaff came across The Barrier back to now (his past) and decided to stay.

The Bard is excluded from planning, but wants to stay involved for the story. He talks to the barman, The Bard could hang with Zer the fighter, or Spugnoir, Teruko? All regulars are the bar. Spugnoir is very tired, having tea.

Redbrand strongholds still existing, we haven;t been to: Mustering Ground (days to the nort), Moathouse (nearby).
Brond asks Master Burn for military help.

Burn is very excited by his new tests and the possibility to bring people back from the dead (not just the half dead).
Burn wants to do tests on Krom for surviving the Banshee’s wail, to understand if the Elf’s afterlife is that same as human’s.

In the tower, Burn, Spugnoir and Mortimer and inscribing glyphs on paper. Creating the spell Gentle Repose. Will also stop a dead moving on from the Grey Wastes. And he thinks there is th possibility to make it even more effective. They need fresh corpses. Burn sends Mortimer to get them.

10 of Burn’s men and women, including Jim their leader. All mounted.
[Each have a morale score (only known by DM).]
[Note: we all now have riding horses. Note: reduce group booty to pay for this and equipment]
Tuakiin has a magically conjure slightly reptilian Warhorse.
We head north west to the Moathouse, several hours away on an overgrown trail.
Wet boggy moat, crumbing embankment. Crumbing keep.


The Bard and Krom (sans amour) scout round to the right. Krom spots a look out on the crumbly bit. Moat river is 20 feet wide, not very fast moving. There is a drawbridge, that is down (it’s chains are broken and the bridge looks pretty decayed), couple of broken gates. One broken, one still up.

Tuakiin & Krom and four men (all mounted) will go over the bridge, two abreast. While the others go across with three 30’ trees on the left. Will take the 3 rounds.

The frontal assault is attacked by six giant frogs. Krom’s henchmen attack them. Krom gets into the keep and shoots a bandit to death. Tuakiin kills one of the frogs (it croaks).
Krom rides his horse up the stairs into the greathall like a fucking hero. Sees a bandit through the door and shots him. Tuakiin and the henchmen continue to hack at the frogs. The flankers raise their poles. Krom tries and fails to ride through the next door but still shoots one to death. The frogs are routed. Tuakiin and the henchmen attempt to enter the keep but Tuakiin’s steed falls through the bridge and breaks it leg, he dismisses his magical steed. Brond heads across the poles. Krom make it into the room with seven bandits, who all pin cushion him. Brond shoots one with a crossbow, Krom spears one.

Tuakiin drags himself out of the moat. The Bard arrives and heals Krom. The Bard’s henchmen kills a bandit. Bandits close and bar the door, trapping Krom and attack him. Brond orders the door opened and blasts through. Krom destroys a bandit with a massive spear charge.

His henchmen double team a bandit. The Bard uses a magical attack to heat the bandit leader’s armour to damage him. Tuakiin damply trudges across the courtyard, but his henchmen make it into the far room, killing a bandit.

The leader and the two remaining bandits exit through the rubble and jump into the moat. Leader and one bandit dive into the water, one falls into the rubble. Telia uses her religious attack on them. Krom fails to grapple the fallen bandit. Tuakiin teleports near the leader and bandit and breathes fire on them both.

While Telia, Tuakiin and Brond chase after the escapees. The henchmen secure the area while Krom robustly questions the remaining bandit. Tuakiin kills the leader by kicking him into the moat. Brond kills the other one with a crossbow bolt into the final one who is running into the forest. Note: none of the bandits were wearing Redbrand insignia.
As night falls the party have secured the immediate area and decide whether to rest or search the rest of the ruin.

Everyone 200xp for combat. Wiki updates: 50xp.
Best scene vote: The Bard and barkeep = 200xp for The Bard.


Sorry, this is even more Krom-centric than usual. Please feel free to add anything about what any other characters did…!

Session 16 - 17th March

There were other characters there?

I’m on a horse.

Session 16 - 17th March

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