The Undiscovered Country

Season 7 Trailer


Then the suggestion of roiling smoke.

Music builds as we push through the smoke, which clears to reveal a city on fire. The walls are being over-run with monsters.

It doesn’t look as good as it will in the finished show, but it’s still pretty effective for trailer CGI.

This season

All of our characters engaging the attacking monsters, fighting for their lives.

Cities will burn

Dragons swoop over the city, breathing fire and poison. Unnamed extras choke to death in the streets and are burned alive.

Kingdoms will fall

A huge hall, filled with nobles and guards. The King and the Vizier stand upon a raised dais, ready to address the crowd.

And the final battle will begin

Clausis, strides through the streets of the city. Unnamed extras rain arrows at her. None hit. She waves her hand and the extras’ heads explode.

Clausis fires a death bolt directly into camera, whiting it out.

In the seventh and final season of The Undiscovered Country

Beginning Tuesday January 10th


I actually LOLed at the trailer CGI reference, marvelous!

Season 7 Trailer

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