The Undiscovered Country

Season 4 Session 8 (which Obsidian Portal won't let me call the post)

The party loot the fuck out of the Hunting Lodge. Tuakiin has an adventure with a carpet of teleportation, which mainly involves a tedious five-mile hike back to the lodge.

Nobody can decide what to do about the teleportation circle. While the party are resting, two hobgoblins emerge from said circle. Kai goes down to knock fuck out of them (Anarië goes down to watch). He kills one and brings the other back as a captive.

Under interrogation, the captive hobgoblin spills the beans about the enemy stronghold at Rhest, from whence he came, in return for not being killed, being inducted into the Ogre’s Union and set to work repairing the Hunting Lodge, and not being killed. (I know I said “not being killed” twice, but it really is terribly important.) He tells them that the enemy forces there are led by a total prick who has a pet dragon. All he knows about the dragon is that it is black, and definitely older than the one in the published module.

The party destroy the teleport circle and fuck off in the general direction of Rhest. Along the way, they meet up with Krom. Later, Krom’s ranger senses tell him that a dragon is in the vicinity, but it turns out it’s only a harrowblade. The party kill the fuck out of it.

Nearby are some bits of elf. Inside the harrowblade are more bits of elf, and a ring.

Some more elves arrive, flying on the backs of giant fucking owls. They’re a bit pissed off at first, but the party show them the ring and convince them that they are good guys (a less difficult task now that Brond has fucked off to run a pub).

The elves take them on the backs of some spare owls back to Not!Lothlorien, where they meet the big boss elf and a weeping woman – something about her bloke getting eaten by a harrowblade. Boss Elf tells them that Rhest is full of absolute bastards, and that the elves want to totally fuck with them. As this is more or less the party’s plan too, everyone gets along famously.

Everyone has a nice long rest and does some shopping. The party buy loads of cool magical elf fashion wear, but laugh at the ludicrously overpriced +1 leather armour.


Ah yes, the title thing is my bad. I entitled my writeup of 4/9 “Season 4 Session 8” by mistake. I corrected it, but that didn’t change the URL, hence the problem here.


Did brond actually write that, or is the BBC announcer drunk?


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