The Undiscovered Country

Last battle

The last days

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Slow-mo as a single ember floats on the breeze and from silence, the sound rises to the roar of battle as the camera focus on on blond hair blowing in the breeze, pull back to reveal Lobash wreathed in flames

Narriated by Christopher lee

Lobash dragon slayer, first of his name, destroyer of the the world eater, surveyed his troops. Hope was waning, this was the final push and there was little hope of victory. But he would fight to the bitter end, he would not see hope fade. The Bard had once said to ‘rage…rage against the dieing of the light’, he gathered all his rage against the oppression of his brothers and charged. He had not defeated three Dragons to come to this point and give up.
fate looked down on Lobash, If the Ogre had died fighting the world eater, his martyrdom would have brought thousands to this field for the final battle. Instead it was a running skirmish rather than a true battle with barely a hundred left.
The Last Ogre standing, Lobash took down down dozens of solders alone before the rain of arrows weighed to heavy upon him and he fell. Filling his lung for the last time and bellowed ‘Know your rights or smash their face’, it echoed of the hills as a terrified silence ran out over the battle field, and with his last breath took out five unsuspecting men in full armour.
There was no celebration, he had been a hero even among humans, he had been among those that defeated the world eater, this was not a good day.
Ogre battle horns ring out from hill top to hill top. Passing the message of his passing, a martyr at last. Sounding out across the ogre lands, till it reaches a valley, were an old Ogre hammering a piece of metal into a spike, for rebels in his village, wondering what ever happened to his son, that did not want to be a blacksmith.
Ogres ran back and forth behind him, Lobash Dragon slayer first of his name was dead, but the real battle had just began. Real change was in the air, maybe not today, in hundred years but Ogre would on day be equal.



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