The Undiscovered Country

Jack's thoughts

I like dying. I’ve died three times. And I’ve been brought back by a true friend, Mortimer Greysprocket of the 13th Undying Company. I’m very impressed with our band of merry folk. Although I do not know Sal very well, she has the potential to become a very good warlock. While Illyria intrigues me, I feel that she is a good new member of the group. She definitely seems to like riding on owls, and I was particularly impressed when she asked for Clausis’s head. I have known Tuakiin for many months, when our company first met. I now understand why he gave the treasure away to the dragon, and whatever happens next I hope he has some closure. No Name makes me laugh. I would definitely tutor her in true chaos. Every time she brings Jonathan back he’s a halfling, and I hope you don’t mind me saying I think this is very funny. I really hope that Lubash Dragonslayer remembers that it’s difficult at the top. On a last note, I mustn’t forget the happy times I have spent with Brond and Krom. Happy days. I’m off for a cocktail now. Bye bye!



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