The Undiscovered Country

Goldeneye'd Elf

As the spell Rima concentrated on ended, the pain from her wounds overwhelmed her & she dropped to her knees, grimacing in pain. Before she could regain her composure there was a noise from the treeline & out ran a familiar, but irate, female form.

Furious eyes of molten gold swept across the group, before landing on Rima. The newly appeared, chestnut headed elf made straight for her, her eyes taking in every detail. At the sight of blood seeping from Rima’s side, she blanched and asked in a concerned tone “Siladhiel, agarn aikanaro! What have you been doing?”

Before Rima could utter more than a passionate “Úsahtiel!”, the new Elf had placed her hands on Rima’s wounds and started chanting. Although there was no music accompanying her words, it was unmistakably similar to Rima’s healing spell, though the onlookers suspected the kiss at the end of the chant was probably an optional extra.

Rima sighed with relief as the pain from her wounds disappeared. Her kiss was a most welcome extra, though not nearly enough after these weeks of separation. Reaching a hand into the other Elf’s hair, she pressed their lips back together & made sure she knew how much she had been missed.

As their lips parted, the new elf muttered grumpily “You’re still going to tell me what you’ve been up to!” Taking Rima by the hand, she stood, pulling her up with her. Without pause, she led them both off into the trees, away from the rest of the group.

Once out of sight & deep into the trees, she pulled Rima into a close cuddle. “Siladhiel, you’ve had me worried. For the last few weeks I’ve felt you’ve been repeatedly in danger. After the first two times I had to come find you!”
“Amin hiraetha, Úsahtiel. I didn’t intend to worry you.” Rima sighed apologetically. “Let’s go find somewhere quiet & I can tell you what has been happening.”
The other elf nodded agreement & the elves headed arm in arm through the forest towards Fandolin.

As they neared the village, Rima led them to the farm of the Halfling woman she had saved. She spied the farmer working in front of her home & headed over. Greeting her warmly, she introduced her companion and asked if they could take shelter at the farm for a while. Though the farmer was now housing the homeless Innkeeper and family, she was happy with Rima’s suggestion that the barn’s hayloft would be comfortable enough for them. The farmer explained that since the Sheriff’s attack, she had been avoiding the barn as much as possible anyway. The Elves thanked her & headed off to the hayloft with a wave.

Up in the hayloft, the Elves worked quickly rearranging the bales to create a cosy room-like corner, shielded from drafts and prying eyes. Once they were satisfied that their haven was ready, they piled their kit in a corner, unwrapped their bedrolls and curled up in the straw.



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