The Undiscovered Country

Go Gnome, and go home

Mortimer stood, ready, he tucked the scroll into his belt, couldn’t quite believe this madness… He was going to return to the hell he had been forged in and rescue the smallest and weakest warriors this world could offer.

He wasn’t going to make deals with a mushroom demon god. He wasn’t going to offer his services to the winning side for a promise of safety, he wasn’t even going to make use of the killing fields of O’lath’s Pasture to test his new theories and raise an army from the millions who stained the soil red with their useless sacrifice.

It was a fucking evil thing, this contagious nonsense that was heroism…

Yet he couldn’t ignore it, literally, dead-gods knew he was trying hard enough. It was his companions fault. They all fought for something… even when fighting was pointless, the bald boy fought for enlightenment, the orks fought or home and family, the humans fought for the safety of their empire, the dwarf fought for a cure to a dark plague (which Mortimer suspected he could cure given time). Even Jack fought for the right to live again a second life.

Mortimer didn’t fight at all, he ran, he ran and hid and cast tricks, and got the those who had no choices left to fight for him…

The spell formed around him, around them all. The rational world of kings and castles on the east of the barrier shifted to the irrational magic scorched world of the west. It’s mighty kingdom besieged on all sides by the armies of war mages.


As the spell formed so did the resolve. It was like an alien bewitchment to Mortimer’s soul. It spread through his like a plague and reached every part of him. It was an insidious thing; faith, courage, hope, loyalty.

He felt filthy.

As the world move at the last minute, Mortimer thrust something back into the East. The scroll, his last Will-And-Testament, inscribed in spells, After all, he was a Necromancer, the last journey was the one you made sure you never made,

Then, he , Mortimer observed his home, sighed, saluted, and announced to the world;

“Gnomish Free Company! HORAH!”


“We don’t die here, we don’t die now, I’m going to lead us to the lands before the gods died, Amadeus willing we make it back, and not willing… I will claim the power of Amadeus and will lead us back anyway!”

He paused and Jack heard the absolute dread in his voice:

“No more running away…. oh gods”



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