The Undiscovered Country

Gnome-ward Bound!

Hamish huffed at the fire, staring deep into the dancing flames. Ever since they’d left the temple his brother Wullie had been preoccupied with his delusion of love for their Queen. Ok, Hamish conceded, he’d been been as focused as ever when they’d been on the move and when they’d searched fruitlessly for Dipsy, but in the evenings it was a different matter. Barely a word passed between them while they ate, not even a rousing verse of their favourite drinking song, and after that Wullie’s attention switched to his pet project.

Hamish huffed again. What kind of bauble his brother was making, he didn’t care to know, but it was obviously a waste of time. Hamish stared, frowning at the flickering flames of their campfire. He bet the wonderful dragon Tuakiin wouldn’t be drifting about all love sick for a haughty elf maid! He had more nouse. And some self respect. His brother was certainly living up to his “daft” nickname.

Hamish glanced over at his brother, still hunched over a mysterious object that glinted in the firelight. He felt his ire rising again – wasn’t he finished yet? At this rate they’d be back at the citadel months before he was done. He bet Tuakiin would’ve finished it by now. He’d have breathed fire and just melted the gold into the shapes he wanted!

As Hamish drew in a big breath ready to huff again, he stopped and instead let out a sigh. He knew he was being unfair. So his brother was obsessing about his ridiculous dream, so what! The real problem was….he was lonely and he hadn’t had a good fight in ages! He wasn’t used to be around less than two Gnomes for any length of time. It was unnatural. This was the first time they’d been apart from Dipsy, Gwen and Mortimer since their party had been formed many moons ago. They’d drunk many an ale after many a skirmish since then, sung songs of victorious battle…..and now they were…..gone. How on rock would he explain it all to his superiors.

He also missed his friend Tuakiin – he’d looked up to the scaly warrior. He was quite the creature and had lent him his vengeance talisman as a show of good faith and bonding. It was with a heavy heart that he’d returned it. Wherever his friend was, he hoped he was happy and where he’d longed to be. Hamish sniffed….wiping a tear from his eye….as some smoke from the fire blew his way.

A cough roused him from his silent reflection. He turned from the flames that reminded him so much of his scaly friend. Wullie was looking at him, a happy smile filling his face. He had one hand outstretched with a small bundle of cloth on it. Puzzled, Hamish took the bundle, surprised at its weight. Unwrapping it, his eyes grew wide as he revealed a small, golden figure. A perfect little gold replica of his tall dragonborn friend Tuakiin in a battle pose, threaded on a leather thong. He gazed at it in wonder as smoke irritated his eyes once more. As he wiped away the teats his brother warmly slapped his shoulder.

“A little memento. I know you miss him!”


“wiped away the teats”

He’s a lizard, no teats…

Gnome-ward Bound!

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