The Undiscovered Country

Extract from treatise 'Rise of the Ogres Union'

Tails from the 'Toom of Horrors'

Sourced from the The Bards “Songs from the other side”. It is unknown how he came across this information. *1 But reliable sources confirm that a high ranking ogar union member went voluntarily went into the Toom of horrors as an independent adventurer.

And Lobash Dragon Slayer*2 looked upon the coloured walls and said unto his Fellows " In poem there is talk of ring, such treasure is made of valued metal, would we not find it behind the orb of gold". All around him gloried in such intuition and Mortimer said unto him that it twas “A good idea”. None had ever before said such before unto Lobash, and he took unto himself to delve down the tunnel and investigate.
Coming upon a door of wood, he pressed his mighty weight upon it and discovered a hidden chamber beneath him. Descending unto it he discovered chests of three. One of gold, One of silver and one of wood bound in brass.
Lobash being brave of heart took a pole and raised the lid on each. Discovering snakes filled snakes filled with anger and hunger in gold, a ring in silver and a portal in wood.
Filled with pride, Lobash had been victorious, he had spoken words of wisdom and they hath come unto treasure.
Lobash Dragon slayer, had taken his first step unto the road less traveled by his kind. He twas not but a slave to a master’s whim nor twas he but a raider in the mountains as his father before him.

*1 This song is sighted by some as proof Lobash Dragon slayer were directly connected and adventured with The Bard and this is how he came across this information.
*2 May Ogres tails have been attributed to Lobash Dragon slayer, while The Bard is usually a reliable source there is secondary source for his name.



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