The Undiscovered Country

Atop a lonely hill

Kai sat and tried to clear his mind…. A scroll lay open at his feet, an ornate tube of others at his side. The ‘Be-yar’ he had shared with his friends over dinner (mostly at Brond’s insistence) was not as potent as the rice-wine he and the other novices had occasionally stolen sips of, but there was more of it. After a ‘pi-ant’ he feared it might push his evening practice into Drunken-Monk style, which would not be ideal. For practice and mediation he surely needed.

So he had bid his new friends a good night (although he promised to join them in the inn to rest together in numbers), and at sun down sat in lotus position and meditated on a small rocky outcrop away from the town centre. He could see the… crutch… no the church from here, it didn’t look like any place he had seen that gave reverence to the greater and lesser spirits.

Kai couldn’t find his centre… his heart wasn’t at peace. Sure, when he had needed it most the powers his Faewyld birth had granted him had come true and he had struck a defiant blow, but too often he had lashed out with his arcane power and achieved nothing. He meditated on the teachings of Masters Quan and Tou…

“Just because you have access to gifts few other novices possess, does not mean you must always rely on them. The Fae are strange and beautiful but hold to much of their powers at your centre and where will you fit yourself?”

He could see now. He had sought to impress his new friends with the “interesting” things he could do, instead of just what he was. In his year wandering, he had used them as the cheap and easy way out.

Kai jumped up and began his Katas, Staccato hard-form drills that melted away into soft-form flowing movements, he danced with staff, and sword, and discarded both to simply feel the joy of the absolute focus of mind and motion. Slowly… very slowly, he let his keen mind abandon the arcane forces he’d been clinging to all day, finally, he felt an unblocking, an awakening in his Chakras, as his Hun and Po (his higher and lower souls) came into alignment. Kai was caught up in the whirling patterns of Wind Falling Crane Stance and it came as quite the surprise when he felt the surge of pure Ki energy inside him! It burned along each limb as they swept out in sympathetic strike and counter, it pooled within his chest, not the electric sizzle of the arcane arts, but a warm – life giving energy. Firebending_Scroll_by_Jeffrey_Scott_1_.jpg

For a moment Kai dropped into the hard-form horse-stance of Manakan Karate, but that didn’t feel natural now. The Kiai-jutsu shout that he needed to channel his arcane attacks didn’t come. Instead he switched to Shunryu-Kempo – ‘the way of the spring dragon’, and eyes closed, letting his own energies have a chance.

On a lonely hilltop, as dusk turned to night, a young man lit up the darkness turning arcs of glorious golden fire from whirling hands and feet.
Tomorrow he would feel a little older, a little wiser. For now he revelled in the powerful harmonies of mind, body, and spirits.

(mechanically – Kai now gains access to lvl2 Ki powers)


Very nice.

Atop a lonely hill

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