The Undiscovered Country

Anarië and Mawgojzeta


Having escaped with her new colleagues from Wave Echo Cave, her first priority is to report back to the resistance leadership (via a Sending spell or two) on the location and disposition of the enemy, the nature of her new allies, and what they have managed to discover about the lost tomb of Acererak.


In the ruins of Rhest, in need of a few hours’ recovery, but otherwise feeling rather chipper about defeating the dragon and clearing out another enemy stronghold. Confident in her ability to overcome any opposition, and eager for more daring adventures. For some time now, she has been particularly keen to get her hands on whatever secrets the enemy is seeking in this so-called “Tomb of Horrors”.


Did our eastern characters learn of the Tomb of Horrors? I don’t remember that?

Anarië and Mawgojzeta

Yep; characters in the east know that the battlemages seek the tomb, but not what it is.

Anarië and Mawgojzeta

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