The Undiscovered Country

An Uncanny Child

The druids almost missed the small figure sat beneath the oak tree, she was so still. They had been searching for her for days now and here she was, as if nothing was amiss. As they got closer they realised her lack of movement was this time down to the trance she was in. Her face was serene and unmoving, even when they called her name. One of the druids gently touched her hand to alert her that they were there, but still there was no reaction.

It took them some time and coaxing, but eventually she stirred and those peculiar eyes were revealed. She frowned, confused.

“Why did you disturb me? I was busy.” she grumbled.

“You’ve been gone for a week, hin. You should not have wandered so far on your own!” a druid replied, holding out a hand to help her up. He felt a slight stiffness and flutter in her limbs as his arm tensed with her weight. “How long have you been sat here meditating?” he demanded. “When did you last eat?”

The young girl shrugged unworried. “A few days?”

One of the other druids produced some bread & fruit from a pack and pushed it into the girl’s hands. If they were to make any progress in their return journey, they needed her to be in a fit state to travel. The food disappeared, followed by some gulps from a proffered waterskin.

Once they’d checked her over to make sure she was ok, they headed back through the forest towards their home. She was a strange one that was for sure. If she wasn’t zoning out as if she was looking or listening to something not there, she was wandering off. She certainly wasn’t behaving like a trainee druid or any other Elf they’d taught before. They would have to find another solution – her parents weren’t going to be happy if they sent her back to them.

The druids collectively shuddered as they walked. They felt like they were being minutely observed. Turning to look – those liquid silver eyes were focussed on them. Yes – they would have to do something about this uncanny child.



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