The Undiscovered Country

Ahzid krosis

Tuakiin sighed. Moonlight and glowing embers played across their golden scales. I’ve been a fool. Impetuous. Reckless. This is not the path I chose.

Vengeance. Untempered by compassion and justice, it can be a dangerous force. I have not yet taken the Oath. But if I ever hope to hold to its tenets, I need to live by them now.

Fight the Greater Evil.

My sworn enemy vanished without a trace two decades ago. What exactly am I doing in Arnest picking fights with small-time mercenaries? I’d hoped to talk to the dragon at Thundertree, but this far west a dragon would simply eat a folaaskiir like me. I’m not in Escapar any more.

No Mercy for the Wicked.

These Redbrands are no saints. They’ve terrorised this town for months. Giving myself up to them won’t sate their bloodlust, and they’re not the sort to listen to diplomacy and reason. We have a chance to rid Fandolin of their tyranny.

By Any Means Necessary.

I balked at killing that old knight. Perhaps I’d have gotten closer to the mercenaries, gained some information. They might know of someone who would travel the hundreds of leagues to Escapar for a taste of dragon gold. One old man, for a chance of finding that munax kendov who killed my mother. And now my cowardice has put a town of innocents in danger.


I can’t leave this town to its fate. I have a heyv to its people now. If I never find my sworn enemy, I must fight the greater evil of greed and injustice. I may die before the morning light, but to do so in the struggle against iniquity is righteous.


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Ahzid krosis

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