The Orclands

The Orclands are a country of temperate steppe, a thousand miles of rolling grassland inhabited by the nomadic orc tribes. Before The Great War any incursion of dwarf, elf, or man onto these lands was met with lethal force.

A nomadic people, the orcs of the steppe were horse-mounted raiders, preying for hundreds of years on the agrarian lands to the south.

The Great War changed many things though, not least of which was the creation of the Great Alliance, in which for the first time in recorded history orcs worked with the other civilised races of the world in order to fight off the the Magocracy.

With the creation of the Barrier, the days of open conflict between human and orc came to an end. A hundred years have passed since those days, and though some still hearken back to the days of the old conflicts, today the orcs live in peace with the rest of the world.

Some of the other races have even lived with the orc tribes, raced across the steppes, and integrated themselves into the orcish culture. Such people mostly follow the class of Barbarian, Ranger, or Druid.

Orc Culture

The Orclands

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