Ritual Magic

The studies of Mortimer, Master Burne and Spugnoir have resulted in a new type of magical notation, which allows a new type of magic – the Ritual.

To use magic rituals, you must have access to the Ritual Caster feat. This can be taken by any character with access to the three creators, or those taught by them. Any Cleric and Wizard with access to the three creators can gain this feat for free.

The class feature currently known as “Ritual Casting” for Bards, Druids, Clerics, and Wizards is now known as “Free Casting” and works as described in the PHB; effectively it means expending 10 minutes of time in exchange for not having to use a spell slot for prepared spells with the “Ritual” tag.

The new magical notation can be used to create new rituals. Almost any 4E ritual can be researched and prepared, as well as those that you create yourselves.

Consult your DM to acquire new rituals, but the following is almost certain to be true for rituals adapted from 4E:

  • The cost to create and research the ritual will be equal to the Component Price
  • You can’t create a ritual with a 4E level more than twice your own level
  • The new ritual level will be half that of the original 4E level, rounded up.
  • Creating the ritual will require a time equal to 8 hours per level of the ritual. After that it may be learned by others and transcribed as per the Ritual Caster feat
  • Rituals which currently require skill checks probably won’t any more

Ritual Magic

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