Most people, especially in towns and cities, worship The One, creator of the world and all that is within it. Almost every village has its own church dedicated to one or other of The Saints, where worship can be given, marriages sanctified, and the community brought together.

Some diabolists, though, give their worship to Asmodeus. Once he was one of The One’s most high angels; but he rebelled against The One and was cast down into the Nine Hells. It is said that a prayer to him or to one of his lesser Devils can also result in the granting of prayers and clerical spells. For a price.

After death, the soul of a follower of the faith ascends to Heaven to dwell with The One, his saints, and angels. The soul of an unbeliever instead goes to the Shadowlands for a short while, before taking its onward journey to Heaven – for who would want to dwell in the land of shadow forever?

Finally, The Old Faith is still the religion of choice of many country folk. Mediated by Druids, the Old Faith concentrates on the passing of the seasons and the bringing in of the crops. It is said among followers of the Old Faith that after death the soul of the person travels for a while in the Feywild, awaiting its rebirth into a new form, should they so desire. If a soul chooses to reincarnate they will remember nothing of their prior life., should they so desire. The alternative is nothingness, and that, too, is sometimes chosen by the dead.

Some say that the highest druids are able to return someone from the Feywild into a new incarnation with the memories of their previous lives intact. Most dismiss this rumour.


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