Please choose a race from the Players Handbook, but be aware of the following:

Dwarves of the East

The Dwarven Underkingdom is a connected set of lands tunnelled deep beneath the mountains of the known lands. Some say it’s a set of individual kingdoms, rather than a single state. The Dwarves of the Underkingdom can be Hill or Mountain Dwarves.

Dwarves of the West

The Dwarves of the ‘Ways’ journeyed to the west, only to be exploited to dig the vast Underground Railroads for the mighty Acererak. When he fell the Dwarves were left alone in the dark with no start to guide them, so they found a new light. (Dwarves of the ’Ways use Hill or Mountain Dwarf rules)


The High Elves are mostly based in the deep forests of Tuatha; Wood Elves can be found across the Known Lands.

You cannot choose Drow as a sub-race. Drow are creatures of myth and legend, a fiction told by mothers to frighten their children. “Eat your vegetables, or the Drow will get you.” Remember: Drow do not exist. There is no such thing as Drow.


Halflings ply the rivers and coasts of the known lands, trading goods and information across the world. Historically they were most active in the Great Basin, that great interconnected river system which stretched across Arnest and into the Westerlands; since the Barrier cut the Great Basin in half, the largest concentration of Halflings can now be found on the rivers of Escapar and (to a lesser extent) Tuatha.


Only one in a hundred dragon eggs hatches into a true dragon; the rest are Dragonborn. In other lands than Escapar, the Dragonborn are kept as slaves or – more likely – disposed of by their parent as a disappointing snack.

Dragonborn are sexless and asexual. While it’s not unusual to see an Escaparian Dragonborn at the courts or cities of Arnest, a dragonborn in a village would be a rarer sight.


Gnomes are extremely rare in the Great Alliance. Forest Gnomes would most likely be from Arnest or Tuatha, while Rock Gnomes would come from the deep halls of the Dwarven | Underkingdom.

There are gnomes on the far side of The Barrier.

Half Elves

Rare, if not unheard of. You’re not likely to have met another. Almost certain to be from one of the lightly or heavily forested lands – Arnest, Tuatha, or Newsome


Half-Orcs do not exist as a separate playable race. Orcs, however, are part of The Great Alliance, and as such are treated as valued allies and as, well, people. If you wish to play an Orc, please use the stats given for a Half-Orc in the Players Handbook.

Orcs are a nomadic riding race. They gain proficiency in the short bow, and training in the Animal Handling skill.


Tieflings come from the Empire of Bael Turath; a land across the ocean in which the noble houses, many generations ago, struck a pact with Asmodeus for wealth and security. The offspring of the union of human and Devil (and the offspring thereafter) is a Tiefling. The Empire of Bael Turath supported the Great War by supplying weapons and enscribed spell scrolls to the Great Alliance. The nations of the Known Lands are still paying off that debt, even a hundred years on.


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