Post-combat Analysis by Captain Brond

Goblin Ambush Site

Fireteam 1 pinned goblins down with ranged weapons. Fireteam 2 engaged in melee with goblins, attacking from their right flank. Operation successful, no damage to party.

Goblin Snare Trap

Goblin scouts alerted when party scouts set off a snare trap. Goblins swiftly eliminated with ranged fire. No damage to party.

Goblin Guard Post

Scouts identified possible concealed goblin position. Fireteam circled round to elevated rear position. Goblins taken by surprise, swiftly eliminated by ranged fire from fireteam. No damage to party.

Goblin Sleeping Quarters

Reconnaissance aborted when Tuakiin charged into combat. Captain Brond followed Tuakiin’s charge to avoid leaving him isolated against multiple enemies. Both Tuakiin and Captain Brond rendered hors de combat after sustaining serious injuries in melee, but survived due to rapid trauma care provided by Kai. Goblins defeated by ranged weapon fire and melee assault by wolf allies.

Goblin Tunnels

Goblins eliminated by ranged weapon fire & sneaky knife to throat. No damage to party.

Bugbear chamber

Enemy forces split by Captain Brond’s diplomatic intervention. Subordinate goblins fled. Remaining enemies eliminated by combination of missile and melee attacks, with bugbear proving a determined and formidable opponent. Serious injury to Jasmine.

Bandit Attack

Scouts failed to identify bandit ambush. Bandits attacked from rear, first noticed by rearguard and Captain Brond. Three bandits eliminated by ranged fire. One remaining bandit fled. No damage to party.

Altercation with mercenaries

Tuakiin outmatched in combat with mercenaries outside a burning inn. Details of how this altercation started remain hazy. Tuakiin fell, and Captain Brond charged into melee to assist him. Alone and outnumbered, Brond also fell with serious injuries. Mercenaries destroyed by ranged weapon fire.


1. Flanking manoeuvres are effective, and should be employed when possible.
2. Splitting enemy forces by exploiting their internal divisions is effective, and should be employed when possible and prudent.
3. Ranged weapon fire is a particular strength of this unit, and standoff attack dispositions should be favoured.
4. Current marching structure is reasonably effective, but thought should be given to having scouts proceed some distance either side of the road to identify hostiles in ambush positions.
5. Avoidable casualties have twice resulted from precipitate aggressive action by Tuakiin. Captain Brond should inform Tuakiin that close melee support will no longer be forthcoming in these circumstances.

Post-combat Analysis by Captain Brond

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