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Preliminary Remarks
There is danger in the unexplored wilderness. And some of it, you can’t handle.

House Rules
Experience rules, character generation rules, and so on.


Playing a spellcaster in The Undiscovered Country will be difficult and rewarding. Magic is difficult to acquire, and a great wizard can change the world…

Ritual Magic

Countries of the World
Your character will almost certainly hail from one of the countries in the Great Alliance

The Barrier
The Westerlands have been been blocked for almost a hundred years by a black barrier. It reaches a hundred feet into the air. Nothing has gone in or out of the barrier in that time.

Most people worship The One, the God who created Heaven and Earth. His churches are all dedicated to the saints who serve him. Some people still follow The Old Faith, a druidical and mystical religion focussing upon the worship of the seasons and nature. And, so it’s said, the elves of Tuatha have their own Great Powers which are neither saint nor devil nor demon.

Notable NPCs

A Very Special Episode

Lammirima’s Draft Compositions

Post-combat Analysis by Captain Brond

The Supernatural Martial Arts of the East

Treatise on Practical Necromancy – by Mortimer Greysprocket

Warlock of the Sindorie

Acererak’s Hoard What treasure have you found in the Tomb of Horrors?

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