Magic is rare and powerful.

A wizard’s spellbook is their most precious possession, as it contains the spells that they are able to memorise. Spells are not easy to find, or to transcribe into your own spellbook. A wizard’s spellbook containing spells that you do not already know is a treasure indeed.

Material Components

Many spells require so-called Material Components before they can be cast. These components must be collected by the spellcaster who uses them; it is impossible to use the material collected by another spellcaster to power your own spells.

All spellcasting classes

You do not have access to spells from the Necromancy school; such magic is unknown.


The One and Asmodeus, despite their disagreements, are agreed on the irrecovability of Free Will. Neither will grant any spells of the Enchantment school, nor do Clerics gain such spells as part of their domain.

Clerics of The One cannot choose the Trickery domain.

If you choose a domain which would ordinarily grant you Enchantment spells, consult the DM to find which spells you receive instead.


Druids can choose any Circle except that of the Underdark. That’s where the Drow are alleged to live, except when they come to the surface to steal away human children. It doesn’t exist.


A Paladin who has sworn an Oath of Devotion to Asmodeus or The One has no access to any spells of the Enchantment school.

If you choose the Oath of Devotion, consult your DM to find what spell you receive instead of Zone of Truth.


Rangers receive spells from the spirits of the world in the same manner as Druids.


A warlock pledged to Asmodeus or another Devil has no access to any spell of the Enchantment school. Consult your DM for an alternative to Command.


You do not gain two free spells when you level up. Your mentor may be able to provide you with more spells from their spellbook, if you have a good relationship. Contact them to find out.

If you know Esoteric Markup Language, you can research spells after levelling. Research takes time – a full day away from adventuring. The first spell will take a number of days to research equal to the spell’s level. Subsequent spells will take that number of days multiplied by the number of researched spells that level.

For example:

Spugnoire levels up. He wants to learn level one spells.

The first spell will take one day to research.
The second spell will take two days to research.
The third spell will take three days to research

He now wishes to research a level two spell.
It will take eight days to research – it’s the fourth spell he’s researched that level, and it’s level two.

He chooses to research a level one spell. It takes 5 × 1 = five days to research.

Talk to your DM about things like weekends, time passing in the campaign &c.


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