House Rules

Character Options
Read this before rolling up a character.

Dice Rolls

All dice must be easily-read, and rolled on the table. Please get a new set or borrow one of mine if your dice are difficult to read.


If you have Inspiration, you can choose to use it after you have rolled a d20 and seen the result to roll a second die and take the higher number as your result. If you want to use Inspiration to remove Disadvantage, this must still be declared in advance.


You can have as many alts as you like, but you’re expected to only play one for the majority of a session. Alts start at level one, with the notable exception of Your First Gnome, which can begin at level three.

Roleplaying XP

At the end of each session, in addition to any XP for combat (or for avoiding it), the characters will gain roleplaying XP.

A Hard XP award will be granted for Best Scene, as decided by consensus at the table. Every character in the scene receives this award.

If your character has achieved or moved towards achieving their goals, or got themselves into trouble because of their character, that character will receive an XP award equal to their character level. It could range from Easy for low-risk or low-emotional states through to Deadly for character-defining moments.

Off-table XP

If you write in any way on the Wiki or Forum – including updating your character sheet or editing someone else’s post – you’ll receive a Medium XP award at the end of the next session.

Everyone round the table at the end of the session also has two Medium XP awards which they can give to the people they think wrote the best post or posts on the Wiki since they last awarded Wiki points. The two awards can’t be given to the same person, or to yourself. I KNOW! I AM SO MEAN!

This XP is a separate pool, and can be applied at any time to any of your characters – so it’s an excellent way to get an alt out of the squishzone.

Death and Taxes

When your character dies or is otherwise removed permanently from the game, you can apply half of their XP to any of your alts. This includes half of any XP earned in the session leading to their demise.

House Rules

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