Vyncent Fenn


I thought it best I introduce me sen. Name’s Vyncent although some folk ‘ave called me ranger or beast master int’ past, but me official title is HoundMaster-Royal. My Father and ‘is father a’fore ‘im were HoundMasters too, although they never had the Royal part, on account a’ the whole not tekkin sides in that bloody stupid civil war rubbish. King seems to ‘ave gotten past that though, once I did my turn soldiering for ‘im. Oh I ‘ad same opinion as me father but it seemed like a grand change of life as a 20 somet, and like most 20 somets I were a prize fool.

Me old man gave me one of his dogs when I went off to be a soldier, ‘cause he did. That beautiful beast saved my skin half-dozen times, took an arra for me it did once. Dragged my sorry ass bag from ‘fron line another.

No more of that lark, young mans game tis. Now I raise ‘dogs… Finest hunting, tracking, fetching and guarding dogs in all ‘a King’s lands came from my kennels in Fandolin.
Still would if ‘village ainted up and chuffin vanished inta’ grey wastes!

Me dogs with ’em… poor fings.

I were out up ‘ill training me newest mutt, Hound is ‘is name, bit of a wild’en I’ll grant you but ‘ey aint a wolf like some folks say. I’m ‘ound master I am, I think I’d know a dog from a wolf! Any ‘ow… came back from running Hound I did and the ‘ole chuffin town is gone! Bliddy gret army stormin’ down on us’, so I sez to Hound, come on my lad, we’re not ‘angin around these parts.

Thing is, wee ‘ounds; y’always know which way folks went… We got scent and followed close. Me, me dog, a net and a staff, enough for Vyncent to be gooin’ on with.

‘am goin’ to find folks what vanished Fandalin, I’m goin’ to have a word or two wi ‘em, and I’m going to get back to me poor dogs! Just see if I don’t!


Vyncent Fenn

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