Illyria de Viol

You think that I’m crazy and baby I know that it’s true


Illyria de Viol1 is a new kind of musician. She incorporates magical cantrips into her performance in a carefully-composed orchestration that provides percussion and counterpoint to go with her expert playing of the viol. Even the sound of her instrument itself is often enhanced and distorted by her cantrips, creating a powerfully dissonant effect of complex harmonics which enhances the aggressive and doom-laden melodies that she plays on radically down-tuned strings. On stage, she also uses her cantrips to create light and smoke effects, designed and choreographed to complement the music. No one has ever heard anything like this before. She is a unique talent – and she knows it.

And yet her extensive touring of the inns and community halls of Arnest is driven by more than her love of music. She has a love of a different sort, deep and consuming, spiritual and yet profoundly erotic, that the world is not yet ready to welcome. Perhaps, with her music, she can do something to change that.

But now war is here, and Illyria may find that it is not always enough to sing about love. Sometimes you have to fight for it.

1 This is, of course, a stage name. She has no interest in revealing to anyone her given name, which she dislikes intensely.


Illyria de Viol

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