Mortimer Greysproket

Survivor Gnomish Necromancer from Beyond


3 and a half feet tall, skinny, pale skinned. Mortimer is not tough even by Gnome standards. He had a shock of red hair on his head and red goatee and moustache.

He dresses in fine clothes of black and blue velvet, and leather, picked out in details of silver and gold, his black cloak and cape are leather, and as technically dead matter, swish around him apparently at his will.

Mortimer carries a pack like many an explorer, but also carries a tightly tied bag over his left shoulder that tends to contain ‘spare parts’ of bodies, and an embalming kit.

Aware of his chosen kit, however, Mortimer usually wears subtle perfumes and spices to off-set the smell of his chosen medium.


In the dead realm he came from, as one of the last wizards of a condemned race, Mortimer turned to wielding the endless war-dead as his weapon, as the teams Necromancer. Despite his less than appealing methods, his intellect and innate instinct for survival (total cowardice) he had become a trusted member of ‘The Undying’ 13th Company.

Now Mortimer want’s more, he wants freedom in a vital world full of promise and magic.

Mortimer Greysproket

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