The Undiscovered Country

Union song

extracts from 'The Rise of the Ogres Union'

We are coming to the end of this historical account, as the second age comes to a close. The union song was spread by word of mouth and has changed in the retelling. This is the closest to the song sung in the city of Theia by Lobash Dragon Slayer (first of his name), taken from original notes now held at a museum attached to ‘’The Band’s” charitable school of music and art.

When others shout too loud for us to speak,
We will whisper through every street,
Our message will like river rush,
So strong that even Giants crush,
For when creatures with one voice speak,
Gods and Monsters they can defeat.
All equal we unite together,
There is no storm we can not weather.
Know your rights
Or smash their face
Know your rights
Or smash their face

This is a significant point in the rise of the union as the Union song spread fast and wide. For some time it destabilized the economy, as non-human minions-of-all-works and mercenaries, that had previously been paid little to nothing, demanded a living wage. Some employers attempted to suppress, what they considered dangerous song, only to fan the flame of rebellion and promote running battles.
Even now some struggle to adjust to this new status quo and some regions still ban it as ‘monstous propganger’.
It is still sung at ‘The Bard’s’ charitable school for music and arts as an example of the power of music, giving them a reputation for radical free thinking that has sometimes gotten into trouble, but has also produced some of the greatest men and women of our era.
This has lead to several dissident groups to take it up as a rally to arms. And cemented it place in history.



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