The Undiscovered Country

Pratical advise for the jobbing minon

A friends of the Ogres Union leaflet

Welcome to the friends of the Ogres Union. Your membership has may perks including up to date advice. Please find unclosed practical advise for the jobbing minion.

2. Practise basic fire safety, it is a small thing but removing combustible material and/or avoiding fire spells could be the difference between returning to your favourite watering hole and retuning to a smouldering heep.
3. Beware of mounts and pack animals, while valuable assets they are very unreliable. Current scientific research has shown horses can be ten times more explosive than dynamite.
4. NEVER SPLIT THE PARTY, but if you can not prevent, it make sure you stick with the healer.
5. Invest in a strong pair of fire proof gloves and avoid touching anything with your bare hands, while its good to grab loot and get your fair share, its best to avoid being the first creature to open or touch something.
6. The best way to ensure your share is to offer to carry the loot.
7. Do not annoy Dragons or attract their attention.
8. Ensure you have some advanced payment, there is a high chance they will not live to pay you at the end of the adventure.



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