The Undiscovered Country

Jasmine/Jack timeline part one: Jasmine

1: Party think Jasmine is super good archer! Woo – look at my arrows killing things – woosh.

2: Tuakiin burns down the pub while getting in a fight – Jasmine wonders if he is a follower of chaos. Tuakiin isn’t punished. This makes Jasmine more relaxed and trust the group more.

3: Drinking competition – with Brond and Kai – I win!

4: Tuakiin does an oath of vengeance – Jasmine interjects drunkenly and tries to join in. As he is clearly follows chaos. This is very interesting. I am not really sure how I can help his destiny. I am sure I can think of something.

Brond Stabby Stabby – Stella. – Brond agrees to protect Jasmine.

5: Tuakiin is super angry with Brond – Jasmine protects Brond by telling Tuakiin that the box broke and the green gas killed Stella. (Jasmine instructed Brond to open the box) – but he kicks it open to see what is inside. I wanted to see how far Tuakiin will go, when he is angry. He nearly kills Brond. Oops.

6: Tuakiin doesn’t kill Jasmine for trickery. Jasmine is relieved because this would be annoying. – I actually convinced Tuakiin not to kill Brond – Phew. Tuakiin does take all the shiny things away and gives them to a dragon. That’s pretty chaotic. Clearly he follows me.

7: Jasmine says a eulogy which expresses sorrow that Brond would do such a thing, and offering useful hairstyling advice should the gods see fit to give her an opportunity to take it (a plait would really suit her). I think it is fitting that I did the ceremony especially as I am a trainee God.

8: Jasmine and Rima glamourise their appearances using both mundane and magical means, and entice the two guards, luring one of them away onto the road to Fandolin where Rima overpowers him and ties him up “like he’s been on a stag do”. Rima is cool!

7: You are a what? – I am warlock – mind control baddies – that’s bad is it? Oh. Bugger. I had a deep and meaningful with Kai. Have to change my ways. Will do that then.

8: Spirit weed and buying a pub. After the spirit quest Jasmine and Krom share food and continue to smoke the spirit weed which causes intoxication. They awake some time later, both naked, surrounded by the bodies of many hobgoblins, that have been killed by arrows (so probably not by Krom or Jasmine). Cool, then we buy the pub. Better buy beer with the new girl Madeline.

9: Jasmine Dies (The First time) – Jasmine & Madeline are in the Grey Wastes. Madeline recalls advice from her tutor regarding Heaven & Hell, concluding that they’ll both be fine & soon be eating peaches & cream. Jasmine is not going to Heaven. They won’t let her eat peaches & cream she’ll make sure she’ll have her peaches & cream with her friends at the end.

10: Rima persuades Mortimer and the group to bring Jasmine back. – Yippee! I am back!

11: No body, oh my, I am not well. I persuade Mortimer I don’t need Jasmine’s mangled body. That cheeky handsome chap lying dead on the floor will do.

12: I have a male body. What do I do with this? Do I still drink cocktails? – yes. Excellent. What do I do with this then? Errrr. Okay I do that with it. This is brilliant.

13: Mortimer is my new best friend. He isn’t interested in the other thing so I don’t mention it.



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